HELLO TO ALL MY SWEETHEARTS!! Question: What’s the 1st thing that comes to mind, when you hear the word Foundation? If you immediately cringe  with goosebumps because you have visions of a thick caked on mask, that is 3 shades lighter or darker than your own complexion and looks as if it can be removed by peeling upward from the neckline, while you stumble about moaning BRAINS…BRAINS!!! I’m shaking my head at you because my dear, you have it all wrong…that may’ve been the unfortunate situation of the women who relied on foundation in the last century, but here in the 21st we do things a lot different…nowadays you don’t have to settle for looking like an extra in the THRILLER video…There’s plenty of options that can accommodate anyone’s skin… from the fairest to the deepest in complexion; your face can feel as dry as the Sahara desert OR oily enough to bring an end to rising gas prices…have no fear my modern day gals there’s a foundation for YOU!

Once you’ve made the conscience decision that you’re in need of a foundation for whatever reason, there’s 2 important things to consider, even before the  much dreaded task of trying to perfectly match your skin color…(I know, I know I’m not making this any easier, but bare with me)   … 1) Is your skin type: dry, normal, oily or *combination… 2) What kind of coverage are you looking for? Now by coverage, I mean..do u want a sheer, medium, or a full coverage foundation…The coverage you want is all up to you and it mostly depends on the condition you feel your skin is in, or how “made up” of a look you’re going for…if you have almost perfect skin that’s even-toned and hardly ever breaks out…then GOOD FOR YOU!! (and I say this with a voice chock full of sarcasm)..you are the “picture perfect” candidate for a *tinted moisturizer or a sheer coverage foundation…Now if you tend to have occasional breakouts and your complexion is not as even-toned as our lucky lady: “picture perfect Patty”… you would benefit from medium coverage because you have something to cover, but not much (I’m guessing you ladies see where I’m going with this)…now if your skin breaks out often from acne, or you have some hyper-pigmentation (meaning visible skin discoloration/darkness) you’re trying to cover, you may want a full coverage for your foundation choice…now just because a foundation is full coverage, doesn’t mean it has to be heavy or thick; it can still feel lightweight & comfortable…and lastly for my *sensitive skin ladies…and the way to determine if this is you, ask yourself these questions: Does my skin constantly feel irritated/itchy/uncomfortable? Do I often see redness or blotchiness whenever something is applied to my face or anywhere near it? If the answer to these questions is yes…then my dear you have sensitive skin…I know it can be rough but don’t worry because there’s plenty of options for you as well…whatever coverage you desire, always look on the packaging for certain key things like fragrance free, dermatologist tested, allergy tested OR hypo-allergenic…So at the end of the day the coverage you choose is all up to you, but ideally this is how it would be in a perfect world (but I guess if it were perfect we wouldn’t need foundation…now would we?)…

So have u ever entered a drugstore/pharmacy and as you approached the aisle where the makeup is sold, you suddenly feel extremely overwhelmed and confused by all the options and many different complexion shades that are displayed…and then to make it even worse, there’s no testers of any of the foundations, so how the hell do you know if it matches your skin color or not?…I’m guessing this is the part where you’re just supposed to buy the color that “looks closest” to your skin…you get it home & try it: and then just like that you go from your gorgeous brown skin to looking like Ashy McNasty in a few seconds because (BIG SURPRISE!) its not your color & its wayyy too light! OR…it can go the other way…where you start out with the skin color of J.LO (love her) and you end up with Whoopi Goldberg’s foundation color (love her too, but c’mon that’s not cute)…so with that said, isn’t it just pure cruelty to have the modern day busy girl, who has 36hrs worth of stuff to do in a 24hr day, run back and forth to a drugstore returning and exchanging until she gets her color right…NO CAN DO!!!!!! And please don’t get caught doing what I did which is (innocently) opening up product just to test it out…when the salesperson approached me joined by a not-so-confident looking security guard (whom I’m guessing I was supposed to be afraid of?) with slightly tight/irregular pants and those way too shiny shoes I absolutely hate…I tried my best to explain that if the product matched my skin color I was definitely going to purchase it…the last thing I need, is to have to explain to a judge, I just wanted to make sure I looked flawless for girls night out, because I knew we’d end up taking pictures for facebook…too much drama for a simple product right? RIGHT!! So I suggest when deciding to buy a foundation, spend your money at an establishment that values its customer/client enough to let you TRY before you BUY…

For example…I work at Sephora and I love the way we do things! If someone comes in looking for a foundation or tinted moisturizer, we’ll color match you and if you’re not going to buy the product right then and there, you can leave with a sample of it, so you can try it at home and wear it around to see if its really the one you want to purchase…Anywhere you decide to do your makeup shopping, you must make sure color-matching is done first…you can’t just look at the product and know for sure that its your color…it needs to be applied to your FACE…not your hands or arms…your FACE! I put emphasis on this because people often seem to think, if they apply a little on the back of their hand and it matches then it’ll match their face…this is hardly ever the case…the hands are usually lighter (or in some cases darker) than the face…Try the product on your face, since that’s where it’ll be worn…     Knowing what’s your skin type makes this process go a lot smoother…1)DRY skin/moisturizing or hydrating foundation… 2)OILY skin/oil-free OR non-comedogenic is another key word you want to look for which means: it won’t clog your pores… 3)NORMAL skin/any one you choose is fine for you.. 4)COMBINATION skin/with this one its also your choice…I always base this on what does the skin feel more a combo of; meaning more oily than anything more dry or mostly normal…then they would choose moisturizing or oil free based on that…some foundations say they’re for combo skin types and that always makes it a lot  easier…


*Tinted Moisturizers…1)Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (L)… 2)Avon Ideal Shade/Custom Shade Foundation Lotion(L)… 3)Mary Kay Tinted Moist. (M)… 4)Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer (M)… 5)Becca Luminous Skin Colour (H)… 6)Laura Mercier Tinted Moist..(oil-free & hydrating) (H)



1)Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex (L)… 2)CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue (L)… 3)Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation (M)… 4)Clinique Super-Balanced Makeup (ideal for combo skin)(M) AND their Stay True Makeup (ideal for oily & very oily skin)(M)… 5)Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation(H)


1)CoverGirl Smoothers All Day Hydrating Makeup (L)… 2)Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Ultra Hydrating Cream Whipped Foundation (L)… 3)Clinique Soft Finish Makeup (M)… 4)Sephora Hydrating & Smoothing Foundation(M)… 5)Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation (H)… 6)Smashbox High Def. Healthy FX Foundation OR their Studio Skin 15hr Wear Foundation (H)….

*COMBINATION skin types can be anyone who has an oily T-zone & normal or dry cheeks…so u may feel oily down the middle of the face: forehead, nose & chin…but the rest of your face feels normal or slightly dry..     *SENSITIVE skin should always do a patch test prior to applying any product to their face..the way you can do this is to place a dab of the product right below your hairline behind your ear…if there’s no reaction within a few hours that product should more than likely be safe enough to apply on your face without irritation…also sensitive skin isn’t a skin type it’s a skin condition… *i.e. you can have ANY skin type (normal, oily, dry, combo) and still have sensitive skin, as the condition your skin is in…  *TINTED MOISTURIZERS are just what they sound like…a moisturizer with a sheer/slight tint of color to give you a “non-made up look”  but a “perfect skin look”…I recommend these for the ladies who are just starting to wear makeup, aren’t fully ready for a foundation but they need something very lightweight & want their skin to look good…they’re great for everyday, and they usually contain an SPF…


Hey Ladies…I’m back to talk more smack!! Hopefully everyone’s enjoying their summer so far…Soaking up some sun and being safe about it by ALWAYS USING SPF ON YOUR PRICELESS FACES AND IRREPLACEABLE BODIES = ) …As we head out to the beaches, street fairs or even barbecues lets be sure our legs (and everywhere else that little hairs sprout from) are completely hairless…speaking of barbecues let me humor yall about how I was slightly embarrassed on July 4th..I was at a small community barbecue and we were playing cards and just relaxing, having a good time, when a guy that was sitting next to me (accidentally?) stroked my leg…right before this happened my cousin for some reason decided to mention that I was an esthetician…now we were at a table full of guys…and of course none of these testosterone-driven individuals knew what it meant to be an esthetician or much less heard of one prior to this gathering…so I briefly explained I’m licensed by the state to provide services such as facials, back treatments makeup and waxing….WAXING!!! <– one of my favorite things to do…but there I sat on a national (and not to mention one of my favorite) holidays with 2-3 day old stubble on my legs which by this point was short hairs…after (accidentally?) stroking my leg the guy (jerk) says “wow it feels like you should be performing one of those waxing services on yourself”…of course they all laughed and I joined despite my slight embarrassment…I say slightly because I wasn’t in the least bit attracted to him…but had I been, I would’ve been nothing less than MORTIFIED for him to stroke my leg fur & then announce the presence of it…So the moral of the story is?? A) tell my cousin to ease up on tooting my horn with all the broadcasting of my beauty skills, being that I’m so modest… B) Shave/wax the next time I attend an outdoor event (esp. on a national holiday) and decide to sit next to a jerk..   C) Its best for me to wear pants every time its been over 48 hours since my legs and a razor got reacquainted… D) Being that it’s exhausting explaining to most people what an esthetician is: just mention I’m a skincare & makeup consultant…and inform my cousin of the changes for any future promoting that may occur…   *any of your answers are correct EXCEPT if you chose A…I love my cousin for handling the promotions and I encourage her to continue…thanks D don’t stop JACLUVS IT !!!
SOOOO moving right along…soon after I decided to shave…not for myself, because what the hell do I care??  I can wear leggings all summer…just kidding!! There’s no better feeling than freshly shaven  and exfoliated well moisturized legs…*here’s some tips and tricks that u may or may not already know: 1) when u get in the hot shower wait about 5 minutes to start shaving so that the hot water and steam can open your pores which will allow the hair to loosen up and can removed much easier… 2) shaving cream a lot of the times contains large amounts of alcohol which can irritate and dry your skin…so use something like a *DOVE BODY WASH with little to no fragrance or even a shower oil…*LOCCITANE is a company that makes a fabulous ALMOND SHOWER OIL perfect for shaving…products like these help your razor to glide easily for a clean moisturized shave and no little annoying nicks and cuts left behind…3) always shave upward when doing your legs…as for your underarms and vaginal area shave everything in ONE DIRECTION to avoid annoying hair bumps, ingrown hairs and skin darkening…shaving in ONE DIRECTION will definitely help to decrease these ugly little annoyances…4) next step is my favorite:EXFOLIATING! doing this directly after shaving will help to smooth and buffer away any remaining hair and will comfortably soothe your body while getting rid of the dead skin…its like scratching an itch…there are many exfoliators I enjoy but here’s 3 of my favs…A) *DERMADOCTOR KP DUTY BODY SCRUB is nothing less than amazing! This scrub will leave your skin as soft as a baby’s…it helps to get rid of those rough bumps some of us have on the backs of our arms (on and around the elbows) and the backs of  our legs…some people call it chicken skin…I call it 1 2 3 GONE!!! after using this scrub on a weekly basis…you will fall in love with this product and wonder how you ever lived without it…B) *BLISS BLOOD ORANGE & WHITE PEPPER SUGAR SCRUB…it smells refreshingly wonderful and leaves your skin silky smooth  and moisturized…it gets the job done and you’ll have a glow from neck to toe!….C) this last one is the cheapest and just as effective…It’s homemade which is always fun…I go straight to my kitchen for my sugar and olive oil…My choices are *GOYA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL & DOMINO ORGANIC SUGAR…With a smile on my face I happily mix these 2 ingredients together and proceed to scrubbing…loving how soft and comforted my skin feels and smiling because: hey who doesn’t love saving money!…5) pat dry your skin leaving it a little damp…Moisturize with a body cream or lotion that contains an SPF…for that added summer sexiness that I’m sure we’d all enjoy, mix in with your moisturizer a bronzing product like *NARS BODY ILLUMINATOR to get that J.LO glow…there are moisturizers available with this bronzing benefit already inside…*NIVEA SUN-KISSED RADIANT SKIN or their SUN-KISSED BEAUTIFUL LEGS…so with ALL that said, there was NO EXCUSE for me to be sitting at a local barbecue (or anywhere else for that matter) with a 5  O’clock shadow creeping up my legs subjecting myself to being joked on…this process even though rewarding is exhausting and I don’t know about you but I just don’t have the time to do this everyday…BUT WHEN I DO I’M GONNA STRUT MY STUFF LIKE I’M ON THE RUNWAY AND I HOPE YOU DO THE SAME…ENJOY LOOKING AND FEELING YOUR SEXIEST THIS SUMMER!!! xoxo      loving InnerBeauty 1st

*L’OCCITANE, DERMADOCTOR, BLISS, & NARS can be found at Sephora.com or in stores…NIVEA and DOVE products can be found at  pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, etc. & I’m pretty sure at this point in life you ladies can figure out where to pick up sugar and olive oil =)

HELLO TO ALL MY LOVELY LADIES!!!! First off let me start off by saying the gorgeous and extremely talented Beyonce is so on point with her new song…There’s no doubt about the fact that we as women are actually running things and taking over…Sorry to the BOYS =P they had their turn…We are becoming more educated,successful, powerful, wealthier and last but definitely not least more beautiful everyday!! Whether you’re a single mom, married with children, as single as they come with no spouse or children, divorced, WHATEVER your situation you are amazing  just because you’re a woman…It takes a great amount of strength  to do what we do…We carry babies for 9 whole months, push them out or have them extracted from our bodies, and then like my girl B said we get back to business…when u really stop to think about how amazing  this is you at the very least need to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!! If you’re not a mom, tell a friend, a sister or even your mom that she’s amazing because of the strength she’s displayed by giving birth..I’m sure that compliment will be unexpected but much appreciated..

So we raise children, we go to school, we have careers we support the men in our lives and take care of  them and home so that they can go out  and look good, make money and be successful at whatever they do…Speaking of the opposite sex, when I’m walking down the street and there are lusting animals (perverted men) lurking on every block and around every corner I turn and they make lewd unnecessary comments, I’m displaying lots of “girl power”strength as I march along with my head held high refraining from picking up the nearest garbage can and hurling it at them (since they wanna talk trash they can eat it)…living in a big city like New York, this is something us ladies deal with on a daily basis…its annoying and degrading but as woman we try to ignore the distractions and stay focused…You may’ve never realized this was displaying strength but it is…we can no longer be accused of “sexing our way to the top”(well most of us anyway)…we’re getting there by plenty of education hard work and determination…Being a woman means, being a strong individual that won’t be knocked down and when she is, she wipes off her hands and knees forgetting to check for scrapes and bruises and without skipping a beat, she rises higher than she was prior to being knocked down, with a smile on her face…<~now tell me that’s not true beauty and you’re crazy..

Moving right along……so if you read my last post you’re aware of the fact that I just recently had foot surgery a little over a month ago…I was out of work for a total of five long weeks…My only complaint is that I’m so exhausted from all the sleeping and eating I did…WHEWW!!! very tiring…So, I just had my first day back 2 days ago and I will say it felt great to return to normalcy…which meant MAKEUP TIME!! oh yeah and rude clients who want you to not only show them the proper way to apply their lipstick, BUT ALSO for u to go fetch a mop to clean up the piss their precious puppy left u as treat by the *MAKEUP FOREVER gondola…  YAAYYY!!!…For my 1st day back I secretly felt like I had something to prove (just in case anyone forgot my skills after the 5-week vacay)…My eyeshadow were blue & green oceanic colors..(these colors go great with brown eyes and tan skin…I was definitely going for a summery look…I contoured/bronzed my cheekbones…When you’re eyes are done up to look dramatic then you ideally should have a natural lips and cheeks…So I had on a pale pink blush and a slightly nude matte(no sparkle/glitter) pink gloss by *URBAN DECAY called Lip Junkie and the color is called WALLFLOWER…If there was ever a cosmetic I would marry, it wouldn’t be my urban decay gloss, but she damn sure would be my mistress that I’d have a hott sexxy steamy love affair with throughout the course of my marriage..yes my loves, she is that serious…If u want a long-wearing lip gloss that you can wear alone or layer on top of almost any color to give it that added sexiness..AND a plumping gloss with a slight tingling freshness that’s not at all sticky, you have met your match…Now u may say to yourself Jac needs to get a LIFE!! or a MAN for that matter…and I will say to you yes sis you’re right… about the 2nd one..hahaha..but this gloss is the TRUTH!! Every single time (no over-exaggeration) I have it on at work at least 5-7 women a day ask me what do u have on your lips and please tell me you have it in stock..this always makes me blush when women are shopping my face because that means I’ve done a great job on my makeup or that the product is just that great…and in this specific case, my skills have nothing to do with the compliments, its definitely the GLOSS…

So like I said, first day back and a very cute and spunky older woman in her late 60’s approaches me and asks for my help…so I gladly assist her…she wanted a cream blush because her skin is dry…no problem, right? Well at this point she proceeds to tell me about other areas on her body that have dried out over the years…she goes as far to tell me when I get older I’ll still have a sex drive, but keeping a COSTCO size jar of Vaseline by the side of my bed would be wise…hahaha…she can’t live without hers…so she, a co-worker and I had a good laugh off of some TMI humor…I love older/mature women who never lose their sense of humor & I  also love my job and appreciate the stories these crazy clients share!! WOMEN ROCK!!!! (well most of us do)… LovingInnerBeauty1st… xoxo

*I mentioned the color of the gloss is a slightly nude matte pink..of course this depends on your skin color…I’m a caramel/light tanned complexion, so this is the color of the gloss on me…also take into consideration that the actual color of your lips will alter the color the gloss appears on your precious puckers..but nonetheless, its ALWAYS SEXXY!!    *Urban Decay is a brand well-known for their fabulous eyeshadow pallettes which a lot of die hard makeup-lovers collect…there’s 9 other glosses in their Lip Junkie collection which contain a key ingredient called ‘maxi lip’…this ingredient unlike many other lip plumpers is non-irritating but plumps the lips, an average of 40% when used everyday for a month..this ingredient also helps your lips to become better defined, full & super hydrated…so like I said: ALWAYS SEXXY!

*MAKEUP FOREVER is an artistry makeup brand we sell @ SEPHORA..artistry meaning high fashion/dramactics…

HI ALL…So I’ve been at home for four weeks now..not because I’m lazy, have nothing better to do, and don’t like making money…BUT because I had foot surgery…NOOOO NOT BUNIONS..(everyone seems to think that bunions are the only foot disformity)..Both of my second toes on my feet were a little longer than they should’ve been which has caused me pain and ugly feet for some years now…So I finally decided to get that taken care of…OUUUCCHHH!!!! is all I can say…Its so unlike me to sit still and stay off my feet… Every time I look in the mirror: “God you look like crap” is all I can say to the crazy-looking reflection that stares back at me in disbelief…it just automatically comes out…I desperately want to put on foundation and some eyeshadow, so when I get up to use the bathroom and happen to glance in the mirror, instead of horrified, I’m easily reminded of what I looked like before my toes were butchered…(but I refrain because then my lazy ass would have to take it off for a much needed painkiller-induced nap)…

I say that to say this: working in the beauty industry can really mess with a girl’s self-esteem…especially when you have to wear makeup everyday as part of your job…u almost forget (or want to) what u look like without it…so my face hasn’t seen a touch of concealer, a dab of foundation or a speck of eyeshadow since May 4 which was my last day of work…I’m single as a dollar bill so its not like I have anyone but myself to impress and look good for (how fun!)…So I’ve been walking (or should I say hobbling) around for a month looking like I just crawled out of the bed…That’s when I have to keep saying to myself remember innerbeauty… you’re cute, you’re sexy and best of all you’re a beautiful person inside and out, with or without makeup…and then there’s a mirror to remind me of why I’m in this industry to begin with: to make women feel better about themselves through beauty enhancement (which I need a lot of right now) and teaching them how to take better care of their skin…Its been a long slightly depressing four weeks I have to admit but there’s “light” at the end of the tunnel…which looks like a semi-deep caramel-colored foundation or my *GIVENCHY MISTER LIGHT #6 <<which is a product I highly recommend for anyone who wants to brighten any areas of the face… I.E: all around or just underneath the eyes, corners of the nose where some people have darkness, and those dreaded parentheses around the mouth…this fantastic product helps these shadowed areas not to appear so dark…So leaving evidence behind after a late night out is a thing of the past!… MISTER LIGHT won’t play with your emotions and say he’ll call when he knows he won’t…he won’t take 3 hours to text u back…BUT he will brighten your eye area, leaving behind the appearance of a full night of rest…Speaking of brighten..my spirits will definitely be brightened when my feet finally heal and I can put them into these gorgeous wine-colored pumps I own and have never worn…WHOAA way off track but yea that’s me =)..anyways I’m back to work again next week so I better start taming this monster I’ve become…ASAP!!!                    xoxo>> LovingInnerBeauty1st <<xoxo

*GIVENCHY makes two different products with similar names…the one I mentioned above is MISTER “LIGHT”…my color is #6 MISTER CINNAMON which is the deepest one they make..there are 5 other shades with names like MISTER MACAROON and MISTER MILK (cool right)…these clickety-pens; I call them that because to use them you twist/click them counter-clockwise until the light-weight texture comes out..it reduce signs of fatigue,has SPF 10, and lightly conceals minimal darkness…GIVENCHY also makes MISTER BRIGHT as well…this is a highlighting pen that contains a bronze glow..it highlights and illuminates your features and almost looks like you’re glowing from within! You can use this product under your brows for a lift, on your cheekbones, down the center of your nose & just above your lip to make them more enhanced when wearing any lipstick or gloss…~~these 2 products can be found @ Sephora.com or in stores…

{May 17, 2011}   Welcome Ladies

Hello to all my beautiful People! My name is Jacquetta Lynn Eddy..feel free to call me Jac, Jackie or Jacluvs..I’m starting this blog because I have a passion for enhancing the beauty of others and sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested and open to receiving it..Plus I love to talk about what I know and give advice…So what better place to go on and on than to BLOG!! I’m a NYS licensed esthetician and currently employed as a skincare and makeup consultant for a big well-known company…I love what I do and I’ve learned a lot over the past 4 years working in the beauty industry..the best thing about it is it never gets boring..everyday I learn about a new product and a new technique on how to apply it..I’m excited to share my knowledge about skincare products, high-tech beauty tools, at-home facials and we can talk about makeup all day long =)… As much as I like to talk, I LOVE to listen…I’m always open to learn what u know as well so please feel free to share..

I believe strongly in beauty coming from the inside (hence the name JacLuvsInnerbeauty) and that’s when it truly shows and glows  on the outside..I feel you can have the most beautiful face and most gorgeous body but if whats inside, doesn’t match what’s outside then what’s the point??  At the end of the day you’re not beautiful at all and there’s no makeup that can cover up or conceal that..I’ve met a lot of beautiful women but the minute they start talking or acting like LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING and they can treat people however they want just because they’re gorgeous, they go from looking like Kim Kardashian to Medussa within minutes…Those that show a caring, loving, humble and down to earth personality & are fully aware that the reflection staring them back in the mirror is only 1/4 of who they are…now they’re the true definition of what beauty really is…I will end this introduction with saying I’m writing a book, which I will be talking about from time to time..Its my 20’s lifeography and its LOL funny…Loaded with plenty of embarrassing truths, advice and other random thoughts that fill my crazy head…Get to know me and you’ll be glad u did!!  LovingInnerBeauty1st xoxo =)

et cetera